theBetween: Friends

We have a few friends! Can you believe it?? We managed to wrangle them into playing on our album. We didn’t just pick anyone... only people that can hold their breath for longer than a minute and 37 seconds. (Rob can hold his for a minute 48!) These people qualified.

Stephen Koning

Stephen KoningSteve is a brilliant keyboard player who likes to watch the leafs and a good fight on the TV. Steve has rightfully earned the nickname “Mr. Twinkles”… and not from the twinkle in his eye. Steve was Echelon’s secret weapon on keys and now has been playing whenever he feels like it for theBetween. We love having his incredible talent milling with our music.

Jono Callow

Jono CallowJono hails from Australia and has been touring the world with Fort Pastor, Tribe 2, Rivertribe, and theBetween. Jono plays just about everything well… which is not something many people can say about them selves. He is also the guy at the movie theater that you can hear laughing above everyone else.

Loren Stafford

Loren StaffordLoren lives somewhere in California! Denis found him on the internet when he was learning to play another crazy instrument and discovered that Loren can actually play what he was trying to learn. Loren plays Antera and Kena and any number of Andean instruments. He is also a 34th degree black belt in everything… and well known as the most dangerous musician alive.