Discography: Anthems For The Lonely

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words & music by Denis Gauthier

Yesterday morning I thought I was all alone
The lights were out and the ringer off the phone
The room was a little colder than it ought to be
The sun a little dimmer than it used to be

The other day you told me that you felt the same
Itís like we are all here waiting but no one came
I used to think that I was the only one
But now I think itís life, itís everyone

We want to say that
We are all here, we are all here
On this play ground
We are all here

I feel the fall wind pound against my frame
Two thousands years ago he felt the same
Iíd cry another tear but I dried them all out
Trying to figure life out

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Anthems is theBetweenís finest accomplishment thus far. Denis and Rob worked tirelessly through many quiet nights to hit the deadline to get the files down to Nashville for Derry Daugerty (the Choir, Lost Dogs, City on a Hill series) to start the mixing. Denis and Rob play the majority of instruments on this album with the exception of Steve Koning, Jono, and Loren Stafford lending a few more sounds and some incredible talent to the mix. Anthems For The Lonely is for all of us, it was written for the lonely, the hurt the living and the loving.