Discography: Anthems For The Lonely

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05 Stay Here Tonite mp3 iTunes Lyrics
words by Robin Carter & Denis Gauthier, music by Robin Carter

Sit atop the world
Watch the sun beneath you drop
Blue skies turn red, the clouds whisper this mellow sight
Stay here tonite

Watch the sky begin to fade
Sends chills up your spine my mind is made
It’s been so long since we’ve sat down
I hear the leaves, that calling sound

Stay here tonite
Stay here tonite
And watch the stars circle round the sky

A gentle breeze moves across your face
And with it floats a tune you know you must embrace
Join the song and all the stars will sing along
As we sit, as we fall, into the night

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Anthems is theBetween’s finest accomplishment thus far. Denis and Rob worked tirelessly through many quiet nights to hit the deadline to get the files down to Nashville for Derry Daugerty (the Choir, Lost Dogs, City on a Hill series) to start the mixing. Denis and Rob play the majority of instruments on this album with the exception of Steve Koning, Jono, and Loren Stafford lending a few more sounds and some incredible talent to the mix. Anthems For The Lonely is for all of us, it was written for the lonely, the hurt the living and the loving.