Discography: Anthems For The Lonely

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words & music by Denis Gauthier

Hold on a moment just slow down did I hear you right
Iíve got to stand back hold my thoughts and learn to pick my fights
But the earth is on fire burning feet walking Ďround on hot concrete
And every time we change we loose sight of our names on burning city streets.

Donít give up on us life has been a must
I feel like change is hard but itís change or bust
Donít give up on us

Last night I tried even though I lied seems all I do is hide
Most the time itís true I donít give back to you donít think I even try
But my life is on fire and I canít keep it up the pace is way to much
Sometimes Iím all alone with everybody else pushing through the rush

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Anthems is theBetweenís finest accomplishment thus far. Denis and Rob worked tirelessly through many quiet nights to hit the deadline to get the files down to Nashville for Derry Daugerty (the Choir, Lost Dogs, City on a Hill series) to start the mixing. Denis and Rob play the majority of instruments on this album with the exception of Steve Koning, Jono, and Loren Stafford lending a few more sounds and some incredible talent to the mix. Anthems For The Lonely is for all of us, it was written for the lonely, the hurt the living and the loving.