Discography: Live In Istanbul

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01 Waste Our Time mp3 iTunes Lyrics
02 So I May Have Changed mp3 iTunes Lyrics
So I may have changed that day
One turn around, one run away
The skies were so blue
I had no intention of losing sight of you

I'm so different now, so different now

You know that green that you see
When the light from the sun filters through the trees
When the sky is so blue
When the time comes, when the time comes
It's so ready for you

Oh everybody moves their feet until the break of day, a-oh a-oh
And everybody walks around town until their minds are made, a-oh a-oh
Ya, I'm so different now
03 Falling For You mp3 iTunes Lyrics
04 Feeling Groovy mp3 iTunes Lyrics
05 How To Grow Old mp3 iTunes Lyrics
06 Cadillac mp3 iTunes Lyrics
07 Ants Go Marching mp3 iTunes Lyrics
08 So Wonderful mp3 iTunes Lyrics
09 We Can Learn To Love mp3 iTunes Lyrics
10 Hallelujah mp3 iTunes Lyrics
11 Hey You mp3 iTunes Lyrics
12 Oh No mp3 iTunes Lyrics

You heard right! theBetween toured Turkey. This is a show that was recorded in Istanbul, Turkeys largest city. It features Jono on drums, didgerido, darabuka, and díjembe and Steve Koning on the keyboard. Many of these songs from this tour were being recorded and worked on for the much anticipated release of the next studio album. You can hear them on this album before they were recorded in the studio.